S4 - Mars - geologic mapping hands-on

Mars geologic mapping hands-on - see https://www.planetarymapping.eu/375/program.html

Participants got access to the Qgis project. At the moment our cloud is a bit overwhelmed… so as soon as it gets (hopefully) usable again, I will post here the introductory presentation and the link to the data package (some 4 GB). No rocket science, just a little Qgis project, supposed to work with Mappy and Qgis porting of FGDC planetary symbols. See also a related post from #events:vespa-mapping-2019 Geologic symbols for geologic mapping in QGIS

@aprossi Can you direct me to the presentation slides that you used in your closing talk after the S4 Mars geologic mapping on day 3? You were talking about the GMAP initiative and contributing to current and future mapping projects, but as we were running out of time it was skipped through quite quickly. I’ve looked for the file in Wednesday’s data folders but can’t see it.

Hi @canalem i add them asap, and link from here (we might experience tomorrow some cloud downtime. Not here on OP but on Planmap).

Same for the videos. I will post asap here.

Meanwhile the main take home message is to keep an eye on https://www.europlanet-gmap.eu/call/ and communicate any interest in performing mapping projects to any of us (email = ok).

There will be a post-school feedback and evaluation form that we will circulate hopefully next week and that will be one of the items.