Conda 4.6.2 now available

After fixing some issues with the big conda 4.6 update, the now available 4.6.2 patch does not taint your environments to be manage-able with 4.6 only, so I recommended getting it now, it really is a lot faster than before.

If it’s not, or worse, even hanging on a task, it could be that you have a case of bit-rot (old conda configurations and such) that is slowing down the system. On one of my machines I had this, and had to reinstall my conda envs, took me only 5 mins though. (Keep your list of required Python packages in a text file to feed to conda for efficiency).

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The conda makers acknowledged speed issues with the growing catalog. They are working on a conda 4.7.x version that is indeed faster, but I had issues with my strong requirements on channel sources (I’m forcing numpy, gdal and opencv to come from conda-forge) and that kills the dependency solver. :confused: