Ecliptic line plot in a map

Is there any url that can give me data of ecliptic line that i can plot in a map. i.e i need earth’s latitude and earth’s longitude of ecliptic line for a specific time and date. Right now i only have Sun’s declination data and its longitude, with which i can plot only one point, but ecliptic line is like sine wave as i read on the internet. How can i get the data of complete ecliptic line for a given day and time. I am kind of new to this, kindly apologise if my question is wrong and show me the right way.

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Sorry but I have absolutely no idea if there are services to do that.
Other in the forum could answer better than me.

My bet would be on calculating it yourself with tools like AndrewAnnex/SpiceyPy: SpiceyPy: The NASA JPL NAIF SPICE toolkit wrapper written in Python. by @andrew.annex .

@thare @nmanaud @afrigeri @aprossi @angelo.zinzi ideas?

GMT (Generic Mapping Tools) has a lot of functions…

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