Public lecture and material availability

Materials publicly available from the PLANMAP/GMAP Winter School on Geology and Planetary Mapping will be listed here and kept updated.

Please note that each presentation might have different licensing. See also quoted imagery, data sources.

f you have any specific question on the content of individual presentations or hands-on activities, please reach out to the relevant lead instructors listed on the program page or reach out to info @ the domain of the winter school.

Video availability

All videos are available, upon free registration, at this page:

Presentation materials

  • S4 - Mars hands-on intro (Angelo Pio Rossi) - video

Data from hands-on

Hi, I wonder if Lecture 10 was recorded/will be uploaded as well? I saw that the lectures and session from day 3 have been available except L10. Thanks!

Probably not but some alternative material covering the topic could be added.

Hi, somebody pointed this out last week during the lecture, but I’m not sure if there were any responses afterwards. It seems that we’re no longer able to access the video lectures from Day 1 to 3 on the website. Only Day 4 is accessible. Is it intentional or is it just a temporary error? Thanks!

Hi @adnabilah, missing videos should be soon accessible by participants. Meanwhile the cloud is back and materials are already available.

Also, there will be an email on the topic and also a message on the web page: all maps/screenshots can be provided via the usual forms until February 19th (one week extension of the deadline due to the issues with cloud and video availability)