Review/ in Jupyter notebooks allows comment, diff and review Jupyter notebooks (json) visually (spotted by C. Marmo)

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Uhm it is a hosted not-free service and their FAQ states:

Can we self host ReviewNB?

  • Yes. If you’re interested in on-prem installation, please fill this form and we’ll get in touch.

After years waiting for “The Solution” I almost think this is never going to happen, all project in this direction either died or are broken.

I prefer mwouts/jupytext: Jupyter notebooks as Markdown documents, Julia, Python or R scripts that automagically sync py script <> markdown <> notebook and you can put the text only version under git for example.

Another nice tool : nbdime with VCS integration tips >

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not only tips, it actually integrates itself with git at least, so that git diff automatically uses it. it’s the only way one ever should do a git diff on a notebook in a terminal. However, one can use it in a “graphical way” where a web-browser shows the differences between 2 notebooks.