4800+ USGS CTX DTMs now available in AreoBrowser!

Hello everyone!

I’ve just added a WHOPPING 4800+ brand new USGS DTMs to AreoBrowser.com, and they’re now ready for you to view in 3D, on mobile, desktop, and in Quicklook AR if you’re on an iPhone/iPad. This brings the total number of CTX, HiRISE and HRSC DTMs to 7037! Plus the new MapView allows you to easily search and preview all of these new DTMs in context, too, using the recently released seamless CTX mosaic.

The source dataset can be found here, and I have to say a HUGE thank you to Jason Laura for his help in sorting out the data permissions needed to get this data loading directly into AB!

This release required adding COG support to AB, which streams ever-increasing LOD levels from the stored file on the server without needing to download the entire file! Right now I’m just reading the full LOD images up-to a maximum poly count, but intend to add tile loading support in the future, increasing local mesh detail as needed when navigating the 3D view.

If this is interesting/useful to you, or you think it would be of use to others, please do share the site. I’m currently looking for funding for this work, and getting it in front of as many people as possible is an incredibly useful first step!

And of course, if you have any questions, bugs or feature requests, just let me know below :+1:



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Welcome back on the forum @matt !
Amazing job!

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