Discovery of (derived) published planetary datasets, (e.g. on peer-reviewed publications

Discovering and reusing published data attached to papers (or standalone)

There is some initial discussion on the OpenPlanetary Slack of this, but how to discover, access, and (re)use published datasets attached to a paper is not as trivial as looking for a reference on Google Scholar.

Some derived datasets are attached to papers, but - say - finding them for a certain planetary science discipline (e.g. surface geology, atmospheres, plasma) without knowing first the actual paper is not obvious. The thread and this post was triggered by a colleague asking for “valley networks data/shapefiles on Mars”. I realised I saw them years ago somewhere on a FTP site of USGS or so, but could not readily find them. It took a while to actually do that.

One thing that they do nicely in Earth Science is that has a matching journal, I think Earth System Science Data of Copernicus).

References mentioned on the Slack discussion with @thare @rbeyer

Please feel free to iterate.

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