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Three years ago (Sep 2016), we started our first blog with the idea to generate and share content useful to the planetary science community: news, updates, articles and tips related to data, tools and workflows. Although quite successful, we decided a year later to move our blog to the Medium publishing platform in order to reach more readers: Today, we are still using Medium for blogging. However, we intend to keep technical posts for this Forum.

Feel free to explore our former blog posts and, for authors, to migrate them to this forum when appropriate:

We’re kicking off OpenPlanetaryMap!

A new collaborative project to build the first Open Planetary Mapping and Social platform
Posted by Nicolas Manaud on April 17, 2017

OpenPlanetary is back from the LPSC 2017 and we have some things to tell you

Posted by Ramiro Marco Figuera on March 29, 2017

New MATISSE tasks: PlanetServer queries and VIR-Vesta advanced data

Posted by Angelo Zinzi on February 24, 2017

VESPA Tutorial session at EGU 2017

Planetary sciences Virtual Observatory tutorial session
Posted by Michel Gangloff on February 18, 2017

AMA: New ESA’s PSA User Interface

Join Sebastien Besse & Isa Barbarisi at 5pm CET, 2nd March 2017
Posted by Nicolas Manaud on February 1, 2017

Next steps for OpenPlanetary in 2017?

Where we are heading to depends on you!
Posted by Nicolas Manaud on January 23, 2017

How To Access and Use ChemCam Data

Fantastic Data and where to Find Them
Posted by Ryan Anderson on December 18, 2016


The ASDC web-tool to access, analyze and visualize planetary data
Posted by Angelo Zinzi on December 12, 2016

The Open Universe initiative

To stimulate a dramatic increase in the usability of space science data
Posted by Paolo Giommi on November 28, 2016

PlanetServer, a web GIS for hyperspectral data visualization and analysis

The first entry of a series of posts about PlanetServer-2
Posted by Ramiro Marco Figuera on November 23, 2016

MarsSI: the e-Mars Team web application project

a Martian surface data processing Information System
Posted by Loïc Lozac’h on November 21, 2016

EuroPlanet VESPA

Discover new planetary resources
Posted by Baptiste Cecconi on November 16, 2016

Fun with a new image data set: Mars Orbiter Mission’s Mars Colour Camera

Posted by Emily Lakdawalla on November 9, 2016

First steps with Rosetta/MIDAS data

The first part of a series of posts on how to access and use MIDAS data
Posted by Mark S. Bentley on October 31, 2016

AAS Divison of Planetary Science Conference

Announcing the start of a consolidated planetary science Python package.
Posted by K.-Michael Aye on October 25, 2016

Employment Opportunity with NASA/NAIF October 2016

Join the NAIF/SPICE team
Posted by OpenPlanetary Team on October 18, 2016

Accessing the third dimension

A QGIS plug-in tho easily visualize radargrams from the two Mars ground penetrating radars, MARSIS and SHARAD.
Posted by Federico Cantini on October 17, 2016

“Where On Mars?” Interactive Map

Building blocks of an Open Planetary Mapping platform for Researchers, Educators, and the General Public
Posted by Nicolas Manaud on October 10, 2016

Planetary Interoperability Workshop 2016

EPSC-DPS interoperability session
Posted by Baptiste Cecconi on October 5, 2016

Representations of large datasets with Datashader

How to meaningfully visualize millions of points in seconds
Posted by Mario D’Amore on October 3, 2016

How the PDS data format works

Posted by Chase Million on September 26, 2016

Does the NASA PDS image format make for a good interoperable format?

It could be but that is not its purpose in life
Posted by Trent Hare on September 19, 2016

How to load PDS data directly into Python with w10n

Posted by Chase Million on September 12, 2016

Publishing Tips

Best practice and advices making openly available scholarly publications and data
Posted by Angelo Pio Rossi on September 12, 2016

Using GNU parallel for CTX isis3 level 2 processing

MRO CTX isis3 level 2 processing with a small python script
Posted by Angelo Pio Rossi on September 12, 2016

Why OpenPlanetary?

Planetary Science is a young field and rather open since its birth, compared to many others disciplines. But…
Posted by Angelo Pio Rossi on September 11, 2016

New OpenPlanetary website and blog

Let’s share and collaborate even better!
Posted by Nicolas Manaud on September 10, 2016

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