Hirise georeferencing error

Hello! I’m beginning to use QGIS and I’m having issues importing HiRISE. I’m not new to GIS, but I always used ArcMap where I imported RED images with their own labels and I had no georef problems. In QGIS, this solution does not work apparently event in already set up projects and just switching between the two softwares. What am I missing in your opinion? Thanks.

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First, have you corrected the the HiRISE GeoJP2 header? See this post for a fix:

Also we still recommend using QGIS version 3.16 (long-term support). 3.22.+ works but has some additional projection quirks. QGIS will project on the fly, but make sure you force a stable projection prior to adding data like HiRISE (which can have many different projections across different latitudes). If this doesn’t help or make sense, write back, and I will try to get more help (or more help from others).


Actually I’m using the 3.22 version on Mac I’ll try this! Thanks!