Moon Trek User Experience Study

Hello OP community, The Solar System Treks ( is working with a group of students at the CLAWS (Collaborative Lab for Advancing Work in Space) @ University of Michigan to kick off a study to better understand user needs from Moon Trek ( and to improve use experience. The study will include informal individual 1 hour interviews and discussions to collect feedback during the first 2 weeks of March.
We are looking for individuals at all experience levels who have used Moon Trek or plan to use Moon Trek, such as scientists, citizen scientists, data providers, tool developers, educators and students.
If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact
Thank you in advance for your interest and help.

Hi Emily! Interesting, however, the links do not seem to work (for me at least)! Also, you might want to post this in the OP Slack, I guess…

Thanks for the good catch, I have fixed the link . I did post at OP slack general channel. Also with the bad link, and will have to fix that. Thanks much!!!