PDS Data Services and User Interviews

Hello OpenPlanetary! The Planetary Data System (PDS) has started work on our new PDS Data Services Initiative (abstract, poster), a vision to provide an integrated world-wide data services platform that enables the efficient discovery, dissemination, use and analysis of internationally sponsored planetary science archives.

As part of our initial phase of this project, we are kicking off a user study to get a better understanding of what you, our users and planetary science community, need from our website, tools, and services. The study will include individual interviews/discussions and some help with playing around with some of the ideas we put together. Initial interviews will be informal conversations with PDS Staff, and follow-on conversations may include more interactive user testing to get a better understanding of how you interact with the PDS tools, services, and websites.

We are looking for folks across all domains and experience levels that have had or will have interactions with the PDS:
· Scientists
· Tool developers
· Data providers (R&A, missions, local data dictionary stewards)
· Educators
· Students
· International partners
· Amateur astronomers
· Discipline Node personnel
· NASA Management

Interviews have already gotten started, so if you are interested or what more information, please contact us at pds-operator@jpl.nasa.gov or send me a message through the forum. Thank you in advance for all of your help!