What is the difference between PWD and PSIDA?

I’m asking this naive question with the hope to trigger a discussion on whether it makes sense or not to have two very similar conferences/workshops? Subsidiary question would be: what would be your ideal “planetary data workshop” (format, content, audience, occurrence,…) in the coming years of this (hopefully fading out) pandemic-area?

Not too sure, but some form of online might continue to be very useful. I for me would never (well, never say never I guess :slight_smile: ) have the finances or time to fly somewhere to attend in person … ?

Sorry, I saw this in the OP Slack channel yesterday and replied there.

PSIDA is intended to focus more on the data science aspect than abstract ideas or implementation case studies. Naturally, there is some overlap between the two meetings. PSIDA topics in 2018 were focused on:

Planetary data architectures, management, and data technologies

  • Scalable data management and database systems, planetary information models and semantic technologies, search architectures and technologies, cloud-based architectures, application of open source data technologies.

Scalable data processing

  • Software frameworks and systems for processing planetary data, automated workflow systems, integration of HPC and cloud computing for data processing.

Data-driven discovery and analytics

  • Methods for feature extraction and classification from planetary data, integration of search and data analytics, automated metadata tagging, ground-based and on-board data triage, data fusion, analytics on data pipelines for computation, data discovery, event detection, and reduction.


  • Planetary GIS technologies, tools for image analysis of different planetary bodies, planetary applications of VR technologies.

Science applications

  • Application of data technologies to planetary missions and science investigations supporting data processing, archiving and analysis, applications to ground systems including science data centers.

Planetary data archiving

  • PDS4 data standards, tools for data preparation and ingestion, search and interoperability across planetary data archives, planetary data archives in the cloud, online data distribution services.
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