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5th Planetary Data Workshop (PDW) and 2nd Planetary Science Informatics & Data Analytics (PSIDA) meeting

Please use this space for questions and discussions from and for the workshop. THere is still time for posts to recommend outside discussions or talks. Note, besides keynotes, talks and posters will be based on submitted abstracts (due April 14th).

Workshop purpose and scope - the goal of this five-day virtual meeting is to bring together data users, providers, engineers, developers, and researchers to discuss approaches, challenges, applications of informatics, technologies, and capabilities in planetary science. Participants will have the opportunity to share knowledge, experience, and lessons learned in these fields and network with colleagues.

Encouraged topics during the meeting and for discussion here include:

  • Analysis and visualization tools using current and new algorithms and methods
  • Processing capabilities, including Geographic Information Systems, featuring data and tools customized for planetary data analysis
  • Data architecture, management, and interoperability
  • Data archiving, including PDS4 concepts and software
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Scalable data processing
  • Data-driven discovery and analytics
  • Science applications
  • Big data, cloud computing, and scalable computing
  • Hands-on training and how-to guides for acquiring, processing, and working with digital planetary data