Open Position for an Aerodynamics Engineer at Project Karman, Bremen

ASTRA e.V. (Association for Space Technology and Research Applications) is a newly formed association at the University of Bremen. Currently, a group of 40 students of the Space Engineering and Space Sciences and Technologies master programs make up ASTRA.

The major motivation of ASTRA is to cater to the academic interests and needs of students from not only the space related programs but also students from other disciplines who are interested in our work. Creating an opportunity for a hands-on experience and giving curious students enough exposure through space engineering project are accommodated by ASTRA. In the near future, ASTRA will be the place to go for all the students interested in space at the University of Bremen.

Project Karman is the first project that is currently being pursued by ASTRA.

What we Offer:
Experience working with a group of highly motivated students pushing the boundaries of hybrid rocket technology.-Hands-on experience designing, testing, and constructing vehicle hardware that will fly to space.-Chance to be part of the first student group to launch a hybrid rocket beyond the Karman Line.
-Participate in weekly aerodynamics team meetings.
-Design of the Nose Cone and Fins for the vehicle which will power Project Karman.
-Perform CFD analysis on the vehicle to determine the coefficient of drag throughout all regimes of flight (subsonic, transonic, supersonic, and hypersonic).
-Evaluate the aerodynamic stability of the vehicle in terms of perturbation resistance.
-Participate the testing campaigns to verify the aerodynamics model created.
-Produce reports throughout the various stages of the design and testing process which reflect the progress made.
-Interface with the structure and avionics teams for design of the Nose Cone deployment system and fin attachment methodology.
Desired Skills:
-Passion for Aerospace technology specifically with respect to space related applications and launch vehicles.
-Eagerness to step outside of your comfort zone and take on challenges where the answers may be unclear.
-Experience working in teams.
-Experience with CFD analysis.
-Understanding of flow behaviours through the sound barrier and into the hypersonic regime.
-Experience with manufacturing using carbon fiber, specifically pre-preg weaves.

If this piqued your interest please write to us here!

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