Question on SPICE Kernels

from where and how to download the kernels? please help.

Welcome @Bhavyaa_Jain probably you should use another category, e.g. #tools, if you refer to kernels for USGS ISIS (do you?). Also, some more explanation would be helpful.

see also GitHub - USGS-Astrogeology/ISIS3: Integrated Software for Imagers and Spectrometers v3. ISIS3 is a digital image processing software package to manipulate imagery collected by current and past NASA and International planetary missions.


I am specifically referring to SPICE kernels, sorry for not mentioning this before.

Dear @Bhavyaa_Jain. I moved your latest reply to the ~proper category.

Please feel free to describe further your problem. It was somewhat understood that kernels were indeed SPICE, but from both initial and current messages it is not clear: which spacecraft / experiment / etc. ?

I also changed the topic. It would be easier for others to help/direct to resources to have both title/topic of the post and question a bit more specific/detailed (e.g. “location of Spice kernels for XXX”).

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@Bhavyaa_Jain, as @aprossi pointed out , it is important to know what mission you are looking data for and also what kind of data. I’d start pointing out that you can access all SPICE archived and peer-reviewed data starting from here:

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