‘tiled’ versions of the high resolution global DEMs: How to unlimit mkdsk or DSK vertices?

Originally posted on Slack by Ryodo Hemmi

4ppd or 8ppd DEM-derived obj files work fine but 16, 64, 128-ppd DEMs are failed to process, saying that

Number of vertices 16000003 exceeds limit 16000002.

DSK Required Reading says

DSK Type 2 Segment Limits
For all others, the limits are:
Maximum number of plates: 32000000
Maximum number of vertices: 16000002

Answer from Alfredo Escalante

We (ESA SPICE Service) produce ‘tiled’ versions of the high resolution global DEMs Index of /data/SPICE/esa_generic/kernels/dsk/tiled
We separate the source file in tiles to produce multiple OBJs respecting the plates limit:
right now we are improving the documentation about these files for making them easier to use.