What should be the categories for the forum?

Based on:

  • Scientific disciplines (surfaces, atmospheres, etc…)?
  • Data workflows (production, visualisation, analysis, …) ?
  • Tools and standards ?

This is to get your opinion and start a discussion among the current members of the forum.
Keep in mind that we aim to provide this service across all planetary science disciplines and communities.


:100: GIS, maps and related tools and technologies. Probably best to distil it into a single ‘mapping’ category.


As a example, here is how topics are categorized for the Planetary Data Workshop:

@thare, all, would something like like make sense?

I think I would keep the list fairly short for now. How about…?

  • GIS / RS Mapping Applications (QGIS, Arc, ENVI, JMARS, SBMT, etc.)
  • 3D Visualization (and printing?)
  • PDS/PSA archiving and services
  • Planetary Data (locating, issues with, announcing new) – okay if it overlaps with PDS some
  • Web Resources (processing services, APIs, web maps, SDI stuff, etc.)
  • Programming (e.g. Python, PlanetaryPy, JavaScript, Jupyter notebooks, etc.)

more? And do we still need a catch-all for other “Tools”? I guess that would be like the “Data” category. Maybe:

  • Tools (ASP, VICAR, ISIS3, GDAL, etc.)

@elakdawalla, based on your experience as UMSF admin (http://www.unmannedspaceflight.com), what would you suggest for OP Forum? Thanks

I would say that tools together might be a bit too much. on the other hand isis3 has its own forum, but then tags could do so yes…

ok, what about, to start with, building on @thare and @CodeMacabre inputs:

  • GIS/Mapping Applications (QGIS, Arc, ENVI, JMARS, SBMT, etc.)
  • OPM / Web mapping (JavaScript, web mapping frameworks)
  • 3D Visualization (and printing?)
  • PDS/PSA/VO/SPICE archiving and services (perhaps a bit too big?)
  • Events / Job posting / announcements
  • OP Data cafe
  • Tools (processing packages, ASP, VICAR, ISIS3, GDAL, etc.)
  • Resources (processing services, APIs, web maps, SDI stuff, etc.)
  • Programming tools and workflows (Jupyter/Python et al.)
  • Tutorials (curated list of documentation, tutorials on the web?)

Looks good to me - I assume always easy to add more.

Hi Trent We are trying to further simplify this via subcategory and will post update here for discussion @nmanaud

Hi @thare, all - after iteration with @aprossi, I’m suggesting the following categories to start with (already added in Discourse with their description):

That’s already 7 categories. My concern is to avoid having too many categories, and putting walls between communities. However, could you please let me know what you think about it? In particular:

  1. There is no “GIS/Mapping Applications” category but related topics would fit into the “Tools and Web Services” (sub-)categories (same would apply to “3D Visualization”, “Programming”…). Is it good enough or do we need a dedicated “Programming and Workflows” category for example?
  2. The dedicated “Solar System Treks” sub-category, moderated by @emily.s.law ?
  3. Is the difference clear enough between “Data Access and Discovery” and “Planetary Datasets”? Better naming or description?
  4. The dedicated “PlanetaryPy” sub-category , alongside other “Community Projects”? @michaelaye @mariodamore
  5. The dedicated “PDW 2019” and other “Events” sub-categories to be used in the coming workshops? @thare @aprossi

Please give me your feedback or ask me any questions. Thanks!

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Fine for me!

Better to start with fewer tags and then grow if we need.

Looks good to me - need 5 more characters to post - okay got it!

Yes plan to use those for vespa(plan)map19. Sounds good.

I agree that we don’t want to have too many categories. Organize subcategories within a main category is fine. Treks would be a good example under tools/web services. Absolutely, I will be more than happy to moderate Treks topics.

I have a question: To which category would the topic of “PDS4 data preparation for archival” belong? Also, I wonder if IPDA would be interested in using this forum as well.

Thanks for pulling this together! emily

Excellent! Thank you @emily.s.law

  • With my proposal of categories, “PDS4 data preparation for archival” would fall into “Data Access and Discovery” (Discussions about locating, accessing, and using data from PDS, PSA and other planetary data archives and databases; and about preparing data for archiving in PDS, and for interoperability.
  • IPDA would indeed make a great sub-category. Here is it: IPDA - OpenPlanetary Forum :slight_smile:

Thanks for the quick response. Sounds good.

@thare, would you and PSDI folks see the value of having a new “Planetary SDIs” category, that would include one sub-category per body: Mars SDI, Phobos DSI, Moon SDI, etc… ?

@michaelaye: following our discussion in Flagstaff… I added the new ‘Programming and Workflows’ category, and moved ‘Python’ from ‘Tools and Services’. Feel free to add more sub-categories and content (ask me if you need permissions).

Thanks Nico, very nice community and forum!

I wanted to ask whether there is somewhere a place where we could make job announcements as well? We are announcing the opening of a job at ESA that is very relevant for this community but but I cannot see any of the fora where it would fit well. Are these type of communications envisioned in this forum? To answer the question of this thread, should we have a jobs category in the Forum as well?

Many thanks in advance,


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Ciao @brunomerin ,

and… we got the #jobs category :wink:

Please feel free to post there and tag with ESA, YGT, whatever you feel useful.