Summary : Suggestion for someone starting a STAC catalog ? pySTAC tutorial seems pretty good

This is a quick test trying to summarize the thread we had on OP Slack channel #wg_planetary-cloud-native here

My initial question :

suggestion for someone starting a STAC catalog ? pySTAC tutorial seems pretty good.
Something I have particularly take care for planetary (Mostly Mars) data?

  1. @mariodamore asked for suggestions on starting a STAC catalog, particularly for planetary data.
  2. @michaelaye suggested that his CTXCollection class in planetarypy does similar things to a STAC catalog. He also asked if anyone had contemplated converting many (or all) planetary datasets to STAC, and whether the different metadata formats would make it too difficult to create code that converts a lot of PDS data to STAC automatically.
  3. @mariodamore suggested creating a tutorial for planetarySTAC. He also mentioned an ongoing project with Andrea about harmonizing different metadata standards to produce cross-discipline iFDO. Mario shared a link to the iFDO overview. He also mentioned that he has been working on a planetary datasets crawler and STAC catalog generator in the context of the CNES’s pdssp project.
  4. @cmillion commented that it would be possible to convert PDS3 data to STAC, but it would be a grind, requiring someone to manually verify correct metadata commercialization for every data set. He also mentioned that nearly every PDS3 data set is a special snowflake in terms of both data and metadata.
  5. @fcalef expressed interest in planetarySTAC discussions and mentioned that they are looking to incorporate it into MMGIS in some form.
  6. @thare suggested following geostac and stac-browser.
  7. Jason Laura mentioned that he has been using PySTAC for the catalog/collections and that he has a metadata homogenization library that takes PVL (PDS, ISIS cubes), GDAL, plaintext, and YAML inputs and outputs a STAC item. He also mentioned that the tiler is forcing WebMercator.
  8. @thare mentioned pygeometa, a metadata translation/creation tool that also supports STAC, and a metadata editor called mdme.
  9. @fcalef mentioned that all the rover data can be localized.
  10. @thare shared a link to a metadata crawler called pyGeoDataCrawler.

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Just to pile on, here is the new tutorial showing some tips/code on using STAC API.

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