Identify available mailing lists, forums, helpdesks, in the planetary community

The planetary community is a rich and diverse environment.
A number of historical resources, mailing lists, helpdesks are available online.
@Trent_Hare recently posted some useful technical questions and answers from USGS astrodiscuss (thanks!! :pray:).
This thread would like to provide a list of those resources and their owners, in order to facilitate cross-posting and a more efficient and open information sharing.

Feel free to suggest new resources in the thread (I’m clearly not up to date… :slight_smile: )
Thanks for your collaboration!

Virtual MRCTR Office Hours

MRCTR Office hours specialize in helping with geologic mapping efforts (largely using ArcGIS Pro), but Sarah is willing to help with most other planetary GIS questions.

For off-line mapping help:

@cmarmo Astrodiscuss has officially been shut down and the link no longer resolves, so that one can be taken off the list.

The official GitHub for USGS ISIS has a Discussions tab:

That’s a good place for users to ask ISIS-specific questions and can provide a segue to opening issues if something a user asks about turns out to be a bug.