Training Opportunity: Intro to ArcGIS Pro for Planetary Geology

GSA Connects 2023 Short Course 503

This workshop introduces participants to the basic tools available in ArcGIS Pro, focusing on tasks and features most relevant to planetary geology and utilizing various planetary image datasets. It is intended for participants with no prior experience in ArcGIS and for experienced ArcGIS users who are new to ArcGIS Pro.

This workshop is similar to our previous ‘Introduction to Planetary Image Analysis with ArcGIS’, but all materials have been updated for ArcGIS Pro and it will be taught entirely in Pro.

This is an IN-PERSON ONLY workshop. We have 2-3 travel grants of up to $2000 each available to members of groups under-represented in planetary science and STEM. Applications are DUE AUGUST 25:

Registration for GSA Connects 2023 is required. The cost of the course is $30, and registration for the workshop is done through GSA: Short Courses - Connects 2023.

This workshop and the travel grants are provided by the Planetary Data Training program, funded through NASA’s Topical Workshops, Symposia, and Conferences (TWSC). Contact Zoe Learner Ponterio with any questions at