PDS Announcements and Feedback Requests

Topic for posting announcements related to the PDS. These may announcements may include training opportunities, new available capabilities, or requests for feedback from the community on proposed updates to the standards and software.


PDS is considering a change to its standards, which may impact users of PDS data.

The current PDS standard requires that each line in ASCII table data and most text files ends with Carriage Return (CR) and Line Feed (LF) characters, the standard format for Windows. The change under consideration would additionally allow a second format used by Linux and MacOS systems in which every line ends with a Line Feed character (LF) alone.

Most software applications can accommodate either format, regardless of the operating system. However, this change could affect some end users, especially those who have written software based on the current PDS standard. The line delimiter will continue to be specified in the PDS4 label accompanying such data files. PDS3 products and labels would be unchanged.

If and how PDS proceeds with this change depends in large part on the response of the community. Please send feedback to sbn@psi.edu . Please indicate whether you support this change, and how much advanced notification you would need (e.g., for software revision).

More details can be found at:

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